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Whale Watching Adventure

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*Saturday and Sunday and holidays, departures at 10:00am and 1:30pm

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All Whales Migrate by San Diego!

Offshore from San Diego, we observe these majestic creatures in their natural habitat while heading south to the calving lagoons of Baja Mexico. During the north bound migration in the spring, we observe mother and calf pairs as well as mating pods.

San Diego Whale Watching Tours Since 1935

H&M LANDING has long been the pioneer in West Coast whale watching since 1953. Renowned for our wide range of adventure offerings, we have unsurpassed expertise in the approach and observation of marine wildlife in their natural environment. Unlike the San Diego Zoo, Sea World or the San Diego Wild Animal Park, we have the unique opportunity to observe nature as it was intended, unspoiled and on its own terms. Whether you are looking for a 3 Hour Local Trip or one of our longer expeditions to the seacoasts and lagoons of Baja California, H&M Landing will show you the way.

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Whale Watching at H&M Landing
Whale Watching at H&M Landing
we may be apart for now, but the same things to bring us together will bring us together again. Now is time to savor memories made once upon a time and look forward to adventures ahead, more memories to make and save for a day... kinda like today...
Whale Watching at H&M Landing
Whale Watching at H&M Landing
We at H&M Landing are concerned with the Coronavirus (COVID-19), which poses a worldwide health emergency. The health and safety of our employees, customers, partners and the communities we serve is our number one priority.
Effective immediately, and extending into early April or until otherwise mandated, H&M has suspended operations on all trips scheduled to depart.
Staff will be available to reserve your future dates, as we know this situation is temporary and we are anticipating robust season.
Please stay safe and healthy in the coming weeks and practice all recommendations set forth by your local health agencies.
We look forward to the cessation of this global pandemic and a return to normality.
Frank T. Ursitti
General Manager
H & M Landing
Whale Watching at H&M Landing
Whale Watching at H&M Landing
H&M Landing: Ocean Seafari Adventures since 1935.

San Diego is a premier global destination for viewing marine wildlife. The coastal waters around the Point Loma Peninsula have been set aside as a sanctuary, a safe haven for the diversity of species found in the region. During the high season, it is not uncommon to observe several species of whales during a single outing, some rare and endangered, along with a variety of marine wildlife. Encounters within this sanctuary and surrounding offshore waters can include Gray Whales, Humpbacks, Fin Whales, Minkes, Blue Whales, even Orcas and several species of Dolphin, Seals, Sea Lions, and aquatic fowl can be observed daily.

Whale Watching at H&M Landing
Whale Watching at H&M Landing
Cooperative feeding! In Antarctica some populations of Humpback whales are working together to trap krill in a circular net of bubbles before scooping them up from below.

video by Richard Sidey - Filmmaker/Photographer / Galaxiid
with Conservation International

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Whale Watching at H&M Landing
Whale Watching at H&M Landing
2 southbound Gray whales with an entourage of dolphins today, made even better by flat seas and light wind!
Trips depart daily at 10 AM. Save 25% when you book online at www.whalewatchingathmlanding.com and enter code whale$ale2020 at check-out.
Whale Watching at H&M Landing
Whale Watching at H&M Landing
The long ride from Arizona was worth it to the bus loads of students who traveled to San Diego for Whale Watching with H&M Landing today! Our young adventurers were all smiles seeing 5 whales quite close along with dolphins playing in the wake. Trips depart daily at 10 AM.
Save 25% with code whale$ale2020 when you book online at whalewatchingathmlanding.com